Shifters of Darkness Falls Series

Primal. Savage. Untamed. The Shifters of Darkness Falls will leave you breathless!

Trist liked her life. Middle of the pack, no pressure, no expectations until she’s traded to a new pack. 

Now she’s the omega, bottom of the pecking order and has the attention of not only Raff, the savage, unfiltered beta of her new pack, but also a stalker who wants to make Trist his own. 

Raff doesn’t play nice, ever. And he gets what he wants. Right now he wants Trist and he’ll take out anyone who gets in his way. 

As the two follow their hearts, dangerous forces are at play that threaten not only their love but also Trist’s life. 

“I feel broken, Aztec. I don’t know if I can give you what you want.”
Aztec leaned into her, his hot breath caressing her neck. “I can make it easy for you, Eva. I can take it.”

Aztec has loved Eva since she arrived in Darkness Falls three years ago as a rookie cop, but she’s human and he worries that he won’t be able to control his wolf around her.

Eva’s recovering from a shifter attack that’s left her physically and emotionally scarred. Her strength of will helps her healing process, but it’s still a daily struggle.

When she realizes that Aztec wants her as his fated mate, she’s forced to face not only her fears but also her desire for him. As Eva heals, she and Aztec must make some hard decisions that have dangerous consequences.