Here Comes Trouble! Here Comes Nikita Slater! Here Comes 2019!

Happy New Year! Let’s start the new year on a grand fucking note! Just had to say it. On the stroke of midnight 2019, I will no longer hide behind my sensibilities (not that I did all that much before 2019). When the urge to say ‘fuck’ arises, I’m going to give into it. It’s […]

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Naughty Secrets, Bad Boys, and Upcoming Trouble

Dear fellow voracious readers of dark romance! Last Saturday I vacuumed my house completely naked! Yes! I’m not lying! It was a revenge naked-vacuum. I was getting back at my partner who deems his golfing buddies more important than me on Saturday mornings. I don’t always vacuum naked on Saturday mornings. Sometimes I clean the […]

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