100 million-year-old sperm, sexy produce, and a whole lot of news!

Dear masked marauders and everyone else these days! At the risk of sounding too over-the-top, there is one advantage of wearing masks (aside from… you know… preventing the spread of Cov-id). You can tell if your fresh and minty breath is actually fresh and minty. It works like this: Mr. Quinn: I’m horny. Jasmin: About […]

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Lies, half-truths, and Interviewing Mr. Master!

To all the people I’ve deceived, which is everyone who thinks I’m nice. On the outside, sure, but on the inside I’m a roiling, seething mess of fury and curses, thirsting for vengeance and sour gummy bears. I’m lying again, except about the curses. I’m generally laid back with a totally cool vibe. Fuck, more […]

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The Big O, the Little o, and Ho HO oh!

Dear Holiday Revellers and Readers with really great taste! HO! HO! OH! Season’s Greetings! This month, I got a letter from my Secret Santa (Mr. Quinn, because we’re the only two that participate in our secret Santa exchange), explaining that I was on the naughty list. So I sent him a list of naughty things […]

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Fierce Intentions, Prince Albert and Mr. Penis

Hello to those of you who have great taste in Romance Books and anyone else reading my blog! It’s another marvelous day in British Columbia! First, I had cake for breakfast. I don’t always have cake for breakfast, but when I do, I have a lot of cake. Second, my car is getting serviced. I’m […]

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Wild Times, Wild Cards and Wild Plans

Dear fellow readers who collect pictures of sexy men and put them on your computer in a folder labelled Tuna Casserole recipes, and also those of you who don’t. Did you know I’m awesome at Texas Hold ’em? “Why aren’t you rich then?” you ask. First, I have no poker face. Seriously, the minute I […]

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Past Sins, Freebies, Confessions of a Romance Writer, and My First Shifter Interview.

Greetings my very Patient Friends, It’s been a long two months and I really should have blogged before, but if you read my last blog, you know I misplaced my sense of humour. I couldn’t find it anywhere for a while. But then I watched some cool vintage porn and fuck if I didn’t find […]

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Safewords, Facebook & my phone call to the big guy himself.

Hello you awesome people! I’m having such a great month! My editor has my draft of Basic Instinct (Shifters of Darkness Falls Book 1) in her hot little hands! AND Safeword (After Dark Series collaboration with Nikita Slater) is available and sitting on the virtual bookshelf! All of you who have pre-ordered should now have […]

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