Running with the Devil Series

He could have her, take her, keep her, use here or dispose of her. And she didn’t have a say. He wondered if she knew that.
Everyone has skeletons in their closets. Katya’s might get her killed. Available June 28, 2019

He’s a hard cop with nothing to lose, she has everything to lose. Is their love enough to save each other?
She’s a distraction and a liability. He can’t decide whether he should kill her or keep her

Women are good for one thing and when he’s done, he wants them gone. Except her, his captive. It’s not good. Love might just get him killed!
He’s charming, dangerous and deadly. She’s on the run and vulnerable. She needs more than his help. She needs his heart.

Jack’s fighting for his brother, fighting for his empire, and fighting to control his hunger for the woman whose life he holds in his hands.
Hugo never bought a woman before, not even a hooker. Now he suddenly owns the biggest piece of trouble he ever met.